2 Button cells / 13lm / 16h

Dual LEDs Carabiner Light, Easy to Attach Anywhere for Backpackers or Campers

Available in 1 colour
  • sliding switch
  • attach to bag
Hanging Hook Application
  • Nichia White LED
  • Green LED
  • 5mm Nichia White LED - Up to 13 Lumens
  • 5mm Green LED - Up to 5 Lumens
  • Miniature Carabiner Light for Convenient Portability & Easy Attachment to Anywhere
  • Sliding Switch for White or Green LED Operation
  • Compact & Lightweight for Everyday Use
  • Operation


  • Battery Type

    2 x 3V 2032 Button Cells [Included]

  • Bulb Type

    1 x Ø5mm Nichia White LED
    1 x Ø5mm Green LED

  • Size

    53mm x 87mm x 13mm

  • Weight

    25g [With Cells]

WHITE 13 LUMENS 90cd 19m 16h
GREEN 5 LUMENS 60cd 16m 40h
* Flashing mode specifications cannot be measured by ANSI FL1 standard.
Flashing mode runtime is based on measurement of battery capacity change only.