Headquartered in Hong Kong, Favour Light has a wholly-owned production base in Dong Guan, China. The sole ownership ensures our thorough understanding and complete control of the manufacturing status.

The plant site of 420,000 sq.ft is divided into production and dormitory areas, hosting a skilled fleet of over 800 workers with average monthly production capacity of 300,000 pcs. The exceptional productivity is supported by cutting-edge machineries and other facilities.

The clean room is one of them. To maintain the room in a dust-free state, there is an air shower antechamber that blows off dust pollutants from outside. Besides, everybody entering the facility is required to put on protective clothing. This ensures an impeccable environment for the production of our flawless reflectors and collimators.

Another facility that we take pride of is our in-house testing laboratory, which provides a finely controlled environment of 21±2°C with relative humidity at 45 %RH ± 5 %RH. Among various performance and reliability tests, six ANSI FL1 tests are conducted here to produce a set of internationally recognized scores for product quality.

Over the years, heavy investment has been made in updating and empowering our ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2015 production plant. Because enlightened ideas will just be fancy thoughts without the capability to carry them out. Yet we have the ability to turn them into brilliant products.


Factory Size
420,000 sq.ft
Factory Location
Dong Guan, China
Factory Qualification
ISO9001:2015 ISO14001:2015
No. of Employee
No. of R&D Staff
No. of QC Staff


CNC Machines
Double Injection Machines
Injection Machines
Pad Print Machines

Laser Engraving Machines

Vacuum Coating Machine
No. of Production Line

  • Cutting-edge CNC tapping centers with exceptional speed, accuracy and productivity.

  • A strong fleet of CNC machines with superior throughput capacity.

  • Cutting-edge array of double injection machines for efficient molding of different materials.

  • Reflector plating in vacuum coating facility for spotless output.

  • A special section is dedicated to surface mounted devices.

  • IP water resistance tests ensure product endurance under difficult conditions.

  • ANSI FL1 lumen tests conducted with integrating spheres for reliable output power.

  • Computer-aided ANSI FL1 runtime tests ensure product performance.

  • Dedicated in-house facility for comprehensive battery charge and discharge tests.

  • Fully secured loading zone ensures C-TPAT compliance.

  • Cutting-edge array of double injection machines for efficient molding of different materials.