Candle Light Rechargeable

Available in colour
  • Flickers like Real Candle Flames
  • Ideal for Creating Moods Indoors or Outside
  • Safe, Portable, Windproof & Long-lasting
  • Compact Size Easily fits into any Lampshades
  • Circuit Protection Prevents the battery from Over-charged or Over-discharged
  • Weight
  • 34g [candle light]
    213g [charging unit & battery included]

  • Remark
  • Replacement Pack Available
    - 2 pcs of LED Candles [CD-001P2]
    - 4 pcs of LED Candles [CD-001P4]

* Flashing mode specifications cannot be measured by ANSI FL1 standard.
Flashing mode runtime is based on measurement of battery capacity change only.