Li-ion or 2CR123 / 1000lm / 6.75h

Hybrid Rechargeable Tactical Lighting Gear1000lm White Light plus High Power Blue & Red Lights

Available in 1 colour
  • Magnetic selection ring
  • built with clip
REMOTE CABLE SWITCH, picatinny rail mount [optional]
  • Samsung High Power White LED - Up to 1000 Lumens
  • Flawless Long Focused White Beam
  • Compact & Ergonomic Design
  • 2 Operation Switches Available for Various Occasions: Tactical Tail Switch & Remote Cable Switch [Optional]
  • Magnetic Selection Ring for White LED, BLUE/RED, Tactical & Flashing Mode Operation
  • Attach to Firearms with Picatinny Rail Mount [Optional] for Military, Police Force, Navigation, Rescue, Hunting & Outdoor Activities
  • Rock-solid Protection
  • IP68 Dustproof & Waterproof
  • 2m Drop-proof
  • Operation
  • Twist Magnetic Selection Ring to Select Modes

    Press Operation Switches to Operate
    White LED Mode: LOW > OFF > MED > OFF > HI > OFF

    Color LED Mode: BLUE > OFF > RED > OFF

    Tactical Mode: ON > OFF

    Flashing Mode: 8Hz > OFF > SOS > OFF

  • Battery Type
  • 1 x 3.7V 2600mAh Li-ion Battery with Built-in-charging [Included] or 2 x CR123 Lithium Battery [Not Included]

  • Bulb Type
  • 1 x Samsung High Power White LED
    1 x XQ-E Blue LED
    1 x XQ-E Red LED

  • Accessories
  • Micro USB cable [Included]
    Remote Cable Switch, Picatinny Rail Mount [Optional]

  • Size
  • Ø35mm x 142mm

  • Weight
  • 198g [With Battery]

HIGH 1000 Lumens 10800cd 205m 6h45min
MED 360 Lumens 900cd 60m 10h45min
LOW 26 Lumens 270cd 33m 72h30min
BLUE LED 15 Lumens 13cd 7m 13h30min
RED LED 28 Lumens 24cd 10m 8h30min
8Hz FLASHING* NA NA NA 4h30min
SOS* NA NA NA 4h45min
* Flashing mode specifications cannot be measured by ANSI FL1 standard.
Flashing mode runtime is based on measurement of battery capacity change only.