3AAA / 400lm / 2.5h

400lm 3AAA COB LED Headlight Flood Beam for Industrial or Close Range Tasks

Available in 1 colour
  • Separated Switches
  • Free Projection Angle
Motion Sensor Operation
  • COB LED Strip Delivers Flood Beam Lighting - Ideal for Close Range Tasks
  • White Beam - Up to 400 Lumens
  • Multi-mode Operation
  • - Manual Mode
  • - Sensor Mode - Motion Sensor Operation
  • Motion Sensor Operation allows On/Off Remote Control when Hands are Dirty or Wearing Glove, like Fishing or Climbing
  • Blue LED Indicator on Switch shows Motion Sensor Stand-by Status of Motion Sensor Mode
  • Slim Compact Design
  • 2m Drop-proof
  • IP64 Dust Proof & Water Resistant
  • Colour
  • Grey

  • Operation
  • Press the respective buttons to control different modes

    Manual Mode
    HIGH > MED > LOW > OFF
    [Press OFF if stays at any mode over 5 seconds]

    Sensor Mode - Motion Sensor Operation
    [Press the Sensor Operation Switch to cycle through
    Lighting modes as follow
    HIGH > MED > LOW > OFF
    [Blue LED Indicator will light up to indicate the stand-by
    Status of Motion Sensor Operation]
    [Wave hand in front of the Motion Sensor Slowly to cycle
    Through LED ON and OFF at selected Brightness level]

    [Press OFF if stays at any mode over 5 seconds]

  • Battery Type
  • 3 x 1.5V AAA Alkaline Batteries [Included]

  • Bulb Type
  • 1 x COB White LED

  • Size
  • 62mm x 46mm x 40mm

  • Weight
  • 130g [With Batteries]

HIGH 400 Lumens 176cd 27m 2h30min
MED 100 Lumens 44cd 13m 12h30min
LOW 20 Lumens 10cd 6m 50h