XR-E Cree LED Rechargeable Spotlight

Available in colour
  • XR-E Cree White LED
  • Up to 130 Lumens [Measured]
  • Ø5mm Nichia White LEDs [2pcs] & Ø5mm Red LED for Supportive Illumination
  • Cree LED Smooth Dimming Control [100%-10% Brightness]
  • Red LEDs Flashing for Emergency Use
  • Built-in Recessed Hook at Spotlight Head allows Hand-Free Operation
  • Adjustable Spotlight Head projects light at Wide Range of Angles
  • Direct “Plug & Recharge” Technology
  • LED Indicator shows Charging Status
  • Circuit Protection prevents the Battery from Over-charged or Over-discharged
  • 2 Charging Devices - Adaptor & Car Plug Cord
  • Rubber-Gripped Body prevents “Slip of Hand” Condition
  • Regulated Circuit
  • Weight
  • 628g [With Battery]

* Flashing mode specifications cannot be measured by ANSI FL1 standard.
Flashing mode runtime is based on measurement of battery capacity change only.