Li-polymer / 400lm / 5h

USBRechargeable Rechargeable Rechargeable & DynamoLantern Lantern Lantern, Lightand Power Bank Always Ready and Power Bank Always Ready

Available in 1 colour
  • Recharge by Hand Cranking
  • Hook Up
USB Out to Charge Electronic Device
  • 0.5W Nichia Warm White LEDs - Up to 400 Lumens
  • Powered Up by Micro USB Recharging or Dynamo Cranking
  • 3 Brightness Levels [HIGH, MED & LOW] & Imitating Candle Light Flickering Mode
  • USB Out to Charge Electronic Devices
  • LED Indicator shows Battery Capacity & Charging Status
  • Circuit Protection Prevents Battery from Over-charging or Over-discharging
  • Switch Protection - Long Press to Turn On
  • Gradual On/Off - Turns On/Off Gradually
  • Water Resistant
  • Colour
  • Grey

  • Operation
  • [Long Press for ON]
    [Press the Operation Button to cycle through lighting modes as follow]
    HIGH > MED > LOW > CANDLE LIGHT [Press OFF if stays at any mode over 3 seconds]

  • Battery Type
  • Built-in 1 x 3.7V 3000mAh Li-polymer Rechargeable Battery1 [Included]

  • Charging Info
  • By Micro USB Recharge
    4.5hrs Charging Time [DC5V 1000mA Input]
    Red LED ON - Charging
    Green LED ON - Fully Charged
    [Switch to low brightness level automatically when the lantern is being charged]

    By Hand Crank
    Crank 10mins at 120RPM provides Discharge:
    HIGH 5mins
    MED 8mins
    LOW 20mins
    [For efficient hand crank recharge, recommend to switch off the lantern]

  • Battery Cycle
  • 500 cycles (Reserves ~70% Capacity after 500 cycles)

  • Battery Power Indicator
  • Shows Battery Power after Lantern is being Turned ON, Auto OFF after A Few Seconds
    Green LED ON - High Power
    Red LED ON - Medium Power
    Red LED FLASHING - Low Power

  • Power Bank
  • DC5V 1000mA Output
    [Switch to low brightness level automatically]

  • Bulb Type
  • 12 x 0.5W Nichia Warm White LEDs

  • Accessories
  • Hanging Hook & Micro USB Cable [Included]

  • Size
  • Ø88mm x 217mm

  • Weight
  • 520g [With Battery]