3AAA / 85lm / 10h

Dual Light Sources LED Headlight

Available in colour
  • XP-C Cree White LED - Up to 85 Lumens
  • Ø5mm Red LED for Night Vision
  • Ø5mm Red LED Flashing for Emergency Use
  • Stylish Egg Shape Design and 5 Colour Options
  • Lock-out Function Avoids Accidental ON/OFF in Travels
  • Large Operation Button for Easy Operation Even When Wearing Gloves
  • Stand Vertically for Desktop Illumination
  • Free Projection Angle
  • Water Resistant
  • Operation
  • Lock-out mode - avoids accidental battery drain
    To LOCK, turn off the light, then press & hold the operation button for 3 seconds, red LED will blink twice as indication.
    To UNLOCK, press & hold the operation button for 3 seconds, CREE LED will turn on.

    To Select Lighting Modes
    Press the operation button to cycle through CREE LED HIGH > CREE LED LOW > RED LED ON > RED LED SOS-FLASHING > OFF
    [Press OFF if stays at any mode over 3 seconds]

  • Battery Type
  • 3 x 1.5V AAA Alkaline Batteries [Included]

  • Bulb Type
  • 1 x XP-C Cree White LED
    1 x Ø5mm Red LED

  • Size
  • 65mm x 35mm x35mm

  • Weight
  • 83g [With Batteries]